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Exam Simulation
30-Day License
40 Questions

US$ 34.95

30-Day License
120 Questions

US$ 49.95

60-Day License
120 Questions

US$ 79.95

90-Day License
120 Questions

US$ 99.95

ISTQB CTFL (Exam Simulation)

ISTQB CTFL Book + Exam Simulation

The Sample Exam Questions: ISTQB CTFL Exam Simulation installs the exam bank directly into your computer. You can take a simulated full exam, practice on a specific topic or randomly display questions from multiple exam sets.

The exam simulation software runs on Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008 and 7. After payment, you will receive download instructions along with a license key so that you can activate the software.

120 Practice Questions and Solutions

  • Practice with realistic exam questions
  • Track your weak areas and overall progress
  • Get a detailed report after each mock test
  • Review all of your correct and incorrect answers
  • Leverage the "mark" and "review" features
  • Randomize questions from multiple chapters

Screen Shots

You can take one of the exam sets (A, B or C), take questions from selected chapters, or take questions from the entire exam file.

In exam mode, you can a mark question and/or show the answer.

After viewing the answer, you have the option to hide the answer.

You can also review marked and incomplete questions.

After finishing the exam, you can view an examination score report.

The score history feature allows you to revisit your previous exams.

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